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You. Are. Loved. by the Next-to-you Jesus and God the father

No other truth can impact the life of a believing woman more than God’s abiding and tender love. We should be living out our lives with boldness and passion-filled faith, seeing the world through the lens of God’s ever-present love. Why then have many failed to grasp that love and draw it into their belief system?

You. Are. Loved. Live the Love Song will help you first explore your own heart and how you relate to God, especially in how you view His love for you. Next, you will journey through stand-alone topics that will offer insight, invite you to go deeper, and help you learn to dance to the love song God sings over your life.

God’s love is the music; the lyrics, His Word. Your faith walk is the dance you live out in relationship with Jesus.


Ongoing Discipleship

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